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Individual Case Analysis – Drout Advertising Resea

Individual Case Analysis – Drout Advertising Research ProjectDear International Data Analytics for Business Executives:.Please read the following Data Analytics for Business case assigned for this Learning Week and please analyze and answer the Assignment(s) requested in this Case Analysis.. AssignmentFor this part of the case:Summarize the numerical data using descriptive statistics measures, find proportions for categorical variables, examine correlations, and use PivotTables as appropriate to compare average values.Compute confidence intervals for means and proportions, andAnalyze the sampling errors, possibly suggesting larger sample sizes to obtain more precise estimates.Write up your findings in a formal document..——————————————————————————————————————————-.Please develop YOUR OWN Business Analytics Case Analysis EXCEL model(s) to support all your answers and analyses and post this(these) file(s) in addition to your Case Analysis Drout Advertising Research Project Report. .Finally, please answer ALL Questions and Sections of this Data Analytics for Business Case with great detail AND STEP BY STEP being extremely methodical and accurate in your answers. It is extremely important that for each Question and Section, you write the entire question and you LABEL and/or PLACE the appropriate headings and subheadings clearly for EACH part of the question and/or section..Please address, analyze, and discuss in great detail and thoroughly support and explain the what’s, how’s, and why’s of each of your answers. .I expect high caliber Case Analysis Reports with top analyses and interesting insights!! If you have any questions, please let me know. I am here to help..——————————————————————————————————————————-.Learning Assignment Guidelines.Case Analysis Written Report:This document should be a typed professional written report in Word and PDF format with a 1.5 max line space, a suitable font such as Times Roman or Calibri of 12 point maximum, and left, right, top, bottom margins of .8 inches maximum..** No Word and PDF format documents: No grading..Please submit your Case Analysis Written Report and YOUR OWN Business Analytics Case Analysis EXCEL model(s) files..** No Case Analysis Written Report and YOUR OUR OWN Business Analytics Case Analysis EXCEL model(s) files: No grading…Using APA Style and Tips in WritingYou can find several readings and support material for your writing learning assignments and APA Style use at our Canvas Learning Management System section:Course Content: 1.2 Using APA Style and Tips in Writing

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