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In about 1-2 paragraphs, please answer the followi

In about 1-2 paragraphs, please answer the following questions:- What is the main idea your Le Pham Le translation communicates?- Choose one translation choice you made (choosing one word over another, your title choice, any syntax choices, metaphors, point of view, etc.) and explain how that one choice helps to support that main idea. This is practice for writing body paragraphs for your essay!Đơn Sơ Lạc loài trên đất tạm dung,Dựng căn chòi nhỏ bên vùng biển êm.Bàn tay chai cứng, đá mềm.Đêm trăng soi bóng bên thềm đọc thơ.Đong đưa chiếc võng chùng tơ.Điệu ru ngày cũ à ơ ví dầu.Chòi sau lắc lẻo nhịp cầu.Buồm xa thấp thoáng bóng tàu lắc lư.Bềnh bồng sóng nước vô tư.Gió ơi, đưa mối sầu dư sang bờ!Simplicity (co-translated with Nancy Arbuthnot)Exiled in this strange landWe build our tent-site on sand-Rocks feel soft to work-hardened hands.At night when the moon shinesWe recite poems. The hammock sways.A mother’s song, à ơ ví d ầ u, lures her child to peace.Beyond the monkey-bridge,A boat rocks with the waves.Wind, carry my worriesTo the other side of the sea!

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