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Hot Coffee Documentary

For this assignment you will be writing an opinion paper that outlines your educated opinion of the documentary Hot Coffee.  Although you will not be graded on your opinion of documentary, you will however be graded on how well you have developed your opinion by using outside sources.  These sources should help you to see all aspects of the issues discussed in the movie.  Keep in mind that this documentary is presented with a certain viewpoint and that there are always two sides to a story. Your paper should address the following:

1.    What is the over arching question or theme of the movie

2.    What evidence or arguments does the Film Maker use to make their case.

3.    What is your initial opinion of the film and the topic of Tort Reform

4.    What information is missing or not presented fully. 

5.    After reading at least 4 outside sources related to the movie, discuss your opinion of the film and the issue of Tort reform.  I will be looking to see that the outside information has helped to guide you opinion.  It is also OK to have a mixed opinions of this topic, just make sure that you are explaining why you think the way you think. 

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