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Group Project

** Can you just put the info you came up with in a powerpoint slide***

Click on the People link on the main menu to collaborate immediately with group members to identify roles to support successful completion of the Group Project which is due week 3. You must decide the following:

Who will address key points 1, 2 & 3 (will this be divided into 3 assignments)?
Who will research the literature to identify best practices for the assigned developmental group?
Who will put the entire project together?
When will the group review the finished project and identify the project as thoroughly completed?
Who will submit the  collaborative project to course faculty?

*********Group Project:  Develop 3 key points and adaptations that you would make in your teaching plan based on the assigned developmental stage of your audience.  Explain the rationale supported by evidence for your strategies utilizing a variety of resources. Work together to complete this document:***********

323 Group Project Worksheet.docxPreview the document
Group Project Example.docxPreview the document
The document will expand to accommodate your findings.  Submit the completed worksheet in Week 3.

For this assignment, your group should identify 3 key strategies/methods that you would incorporate if you were to teach to this selected developmental aged audience. The final submission should be a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides (this includes a title slide & reference slide). Explain the rationale supported by evidence for your strategies utilizing a variety of resources. Work together to complete this project.

This project requires that you utilize sources other than the course text and PPTs (included in readings, resources & activities); these sources must be cited in APA 6th format. This is a group collaboration project and all students in the group will receive the same grade. Only one student in each group will submit the assignment.

GROUP 1: Young Adults (ages 19-35)
GROUP 2: Middle Age (36-64)
GROUP 3: Older Age (65-++)
GROUP 4: Young Adults (ages 19-35)
GROUP 5: Middle Age (36-64)

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