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For the following requirements, write 5 different

For the following requirements, write 5 different topic (evaluations essay) as the sample shows below. and chose one of the topic to write a free-writing. 150 words+.The first picture is the sample of the topic. Second is what you could write in the brainstorm. The third and fourth is the requirements of the brainstorm and freewriting. An evaluation is an expository essay that evaluates a topic to judge it as good or bad.Example CriteriaRestaurant: food, service, appearance, priceMovie: plot, acting, special effects, directingExample Topic #1My topic will be the tv show Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is an American police procedural crime show that is set in New York City. Many of the episodes have a connection with real crimes found in the news that have created a lot of attention. From beginning to end, the characters depend on the use of their understanding of forensic science to uncover the mysteries of each examined case. Sometimes they catch the person and other times he gets away with it. Because as we know innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes the bad ones get away when they have good attorneys. Example Topic #2 ‘Happy Sushi’ is the restaurant located at El Camino, Santa Clara. Sushi is very common foods all over the world including north California, and Japanese foods are very accessible in the bay area. Nevertheless, the reason I chose this sushi restaurant as the topic for my essay #2 is because there’s always something new to be able to be evaluated whenever I visit this restaurant. They have sushi, rolls, and a few fusion dishes which are very interesting. I cannot say they have the best sushi in this area, but it is very unique and different compared to other sushi places in terms of foods, the composition of the menu, and how the restaurant is managed because the boss of this restaurant has his own philosophy regarding kitchen and customers. The reason I was able to know about that is not only because I am a regular customer of this restaurant, but also I become intimate with them as I visit this restaurant. Example Topic #3Topic: Movie – The Greatest ShowmanIt is the movie of a showman’s story. The story started with a poor young boy, P.T Barnum, working for a rich family in the mid-19thcentury. He falls in love with the daugher of the rich family,Caroline, and he was trying so hard to proof that he can give her a good live to her father because he did not accept this relationship. The music”A Million Dreams”brings the audiences into the start of the story. Barnum and Caroline moved to New York City, but life was not easy for them especially when he lost his job. He needed to proof himself, so he take our a large loan from a bank and start open a circus. He gethered the so-called “weird people”and put on good shows, and he gradually reaching his goal. Overcoming plenty of struggles, he did not give up. In this movie, we can see a lot of friendships, love, positivity, and enthusiasm, which is what makes this movie so good because it motivates me. First of all, he taught me how to appreciate people’s difference and value them. Second, his attitude toward his goal without giving up. Third, love is what makes us stonger.

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