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First, in the video you watched for this module, M

First, in the video you watched for this module, Mouly says, “I’ve always been captivated by how an image can — a simple drawing — can cut through the torrent of images that we see every single day. How it can capture a moment, how it can crystallize a social trend or a complex event in a way that a lot of words wouldn’t be able to do — and reduce it to its essence and turn it into a cartoon.” Does a visual image really have that much of an impact? Do agree that it creates an impact that “words wouldn’t be able to do”? Here is the link for the video., have fun analyzing a visual image of your choice. It can be a painting, cartoon, photograph, or even you’re an image you took on your own. Explain:The title/authorWhere the original is located (on the web or a physical location)?Why did it stand out to you and why did you selected it for analysis?What is the meaning and does it “crystallize” a particular event or social trend?What does it do that words can’t? (You might even say that words would convey MORE meaning or it has no meaning without adding words.)This assignment must be at 250 words minimum and written in MLA Style. It must be completed by 2/7/2020 11:59 AM.

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