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Final Project Paper TemplateHi Folks, Below is a d

Final Project Paper TemplateHi Folks, Below is a description of the sections for the final paper. Please be sure to address all of the elements within each section, and please be sure to include section headings.IntroductionDescribe the topic of the study, why the study needs to be conducted, and the potential positive social change implications of the study.Preview major sections of the chapter.Study Purpose/Research ObjectivesIndicate that this is a quantitative study.Present the study intent (such as, describe, compare, correlate, explore, and develop).Identify the independent, dependent, and covariate variables.Research Question(s) and HypothesesState the research questions.State the null and alternative hypotheses (if appropriate) that identify the independent and dependent variables studied, the association tested, and how the variables are measured.MethodologyDescribe the data you used.Describe the variables and how each variable is measured or manipulated.Identify the statistical test(s) used to test the hypothesis/hypotheses.Explain the rationale for including potential covariates and/or confounding variables. Analysis/ResultsReport statistical analysis findings, organized by research questions and/or hypotheses, including:Exact statistics and associated probability valuesConfidence intervals around the statistics (as appropriate)Effect sizes (as appropriate)Report results of post-hoc analyses of statistical tests, if applicable.Include tables and figures to illustrate results, as appropriate, as per the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.ImplicationsDescribe the potential impact for positive social change at the appropriate level(individual, family, organizational, and societal/policy).Describe methodological, theoretical, and/or empirical implications, as appropriate.Describe recommendations for practice, as appropriate.LimitationsDescribe the limitations to generalizability and/or trustworthiness, validity, and reliability that arose from execution of the study.Conclusions

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