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Essay PromptFor your first assignment for COMM 100

Essay PromptFor your first assignment for COMM 100B, you will write a short essay in which you takea semiotic approach to “The Paper Menagerie,” a short story by Ken Liu, originallypublished in 2011. [A PDF can be found in the “Assignment 1 documents” folder in the“Files” section of our Canvas site.] Your goal is not to say what you think Liu’s story means in the usual sense of reading awork of fiction and discussing plot, character, theme, and so forth. What you think Liu istrying to say, or whether you think the story is good or bad, or how you felt during or afterreading it, are irrelevant to this assignment. Instead, your goal is look at Liu’s story as acontainer of signs that produce meaning within the story.The objective of this assignment is for you to choose, and apply, knowledge drawn fromour course so far to show how semiosis – the making of meaning through systems ofsignification – takes place in Liu’s short story. To do this, your job is to identify one ormore signs and show how meaning is produced within a system (or systems) ofsignification. You can choose any sign(s) that you want, but your reader should clearlyknow what you have chosen, its significance, and how you are using it in your semioticanalysis.Your essay should include a clear thesis (a claim about what sign(s) you are using andwhat you intend to argue with it), plenty of clear evidence (concrete examples drawndirectly from Liu’s story and from Chandler’s text to support your claim), and a clearconclusion. Both Liu and Chandler must be cited in your essay to show yourengagement with ideas from our course.All essays must be approximately 750 words (exclusive of endnotes), typed, double-spaced, using no larger than 12-point font and normal margins. Your essay must becarefully written, edited, and proofread for egregious spelling and grammatical errors.Grading will be based on clarity of thought and expression, demonstration oflearning drawn from our course, and overall persuasiveness of writing and criticalthinking. Be sure to make correct use of quotations and endnotes/footnotes asappropriate. This assignment is worth 15 percent of your course grade.

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