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Make sure to review the prompt for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay BEFORE completing this discussion board.

For this discussion board, you will post a link to the website you have chosen to analyze for your first analysis essay. You cannot analyze for your essay since we have discussed that website as a class. Then you will answer the following questions about your website. These questions are similar to the ones you answered over, but will provide more choice so you can address what stands out in the website you chose. This discussion board is the beginning of your paper, so post critical responses and help your classmates refine their ideas.

Choose at least three of the following questions to answer in your initial post:

  1. What is one cultural myth or value evident in the website? What audience would this appeal to?
  2. Does the author rely more heavily on ethos, logos, or pathos? Why?
  3. Describe the artistic and inartistic proofs on the website.
  4. Identify any logical fallacies. Does the use of these fallacies strengthen or weaken the argument?
  5. Describe a few examples of strategic word choice. Provide the denotation and connotation of any important words.
  6. How does the website use color or imagery?
  7. Does the overall design contribute to the effectiveness of the website? How?

Don’t forget that you have to respond to at least two of your peers (you may respond to more). When responding, please help anyone who is struggling. If you don’t see a clear claim, see if you can help the student by offering up suggestions for improvement. Please keep your comments as positive as possible. This is a very difficult assignment, and it may take some students more than one time to “get it.” If someone is WAY off, I’ll let him or her know. This forum is to allow you to help each other and get possible other ideas. So keep it positive!

Initial Post: 50 points

  • Is at least 300 words
  • Answers at least 3 of the provided questions in the prompt
  • Provides specific and unique examples
  • Contains few to no grammatical errors or confusing wording

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