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Esophageal CancerWhat is esophageal cancer?Esophag

Esophageal CancerWhat is esophageal cancer?Esophageal cancer is a cancer that occurs when cancer cells form in the esophagus or gulletEtiologyHistory and background of Esophageal cancerCauses.specific causes of esophageal cancer are unknownresearch depicts that factors such as age, gender, diet, smoking, obesity, long-term acid reflux and medical conditionsiii. previous cancer treatment, tobacco or alcohol abuse or other rare medical conditionsSymptoms of Esophageal CancerWeight loss.Indigestion and heartburnsiii. Difficulties while swallowing.Hoarseness and coughingIII. Prevention Of the DiseaseObserving nutritional discipline.Lifestyle changesTreatmentInitial treatment of esophageal cancer depends on how far it has spread.Conventional treatment methods.Radiofrequency ablation.Photodynamic therapy or endoscopic mucosal resectioniii. EsophagectomyChemotherapy.Complementary and Alternative Health (CAH) methods.Palliative therapy.Acupunctureiii. Chinese Traditional medicineHypnosisIntegrative treatment practicesCombining both the complementary and CAH treatment practicesRecommended diets and health practicesNursing assessment and InterventionsNursing care is advanced and requires patient and family education, clinical assessment, palliative care, management of side effects and nutritional management.Nurses need to coordinate all the support services to ensure they meet the needs of the patient.VII. Client EducationPatients should receive adequate information about the disease.This information should be conveyed from the time of diagnosis through the period of procedures and treatments.VIII. AdherenceAfter the treatment, it is important for the medical team to keep in touch with the patient to monitor progress.

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