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During this class, we have learned about the colla

During this class, we have learned about the collaborative relationship between special education professionals and general education professionals. In the context of this class, we have focused our attention on inclusive settings. The collaborative process takes place in many facets in meeting the needs of students with special needs. For this assignment, we will incorporate all aspects of our learning together. We will frame the paper through a case study.Ms. Smith is a fifth grade teacher who has a class of 30 students, 5 of whom have mild disabilities. She has two students with autism, one student with an emotional disability, and two with learning disabilities. There are also several ELL students in the class as well. She currently works once a week with a special education teacher who comes into her classroom to provide services and support to the students with disabilities in the classroom. Ms. Smith has recently started feeling concerned about one of her students, Jimmy. Jimmy is a student who is experiencing difficulty at school, particularly with reading comprehension and reading fluency. Jimmy is approximately two years below grade level in reading. Also, Jimmy struggles behaviorally. He has had multiple discipline referrals over the last year. Most of these referrals are for being off-task and disrespectful behavior toward his general education teacher. Jimmy does not currently have an IEP, so he does not receive any direct support from a special education teacher within the general education classroom.It is your job to develop a plan to provide greater support for all students in the classroom using a collaborative model. Consider what changes to situation could result in increased student support for ALL students in her classroom, including those with disabilities or those who are struggling (Jimmy). Your paper should address the following models: Collaboration and consultation between the general education teacher and special education teacher.  Multi-disciplinary team that examines the student’s areas of need. Response-to-Intervention Co-teaching model of support Specific interventions, accommodations, and modifications for the student  Functional behavior assessment The role of an advocate in the multi-disciplinary/special education process.

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