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Do a search on fad diets–meaning a diet that goes

Do a search on fad diets–meaning a diet that goes against standard recommendations and promises quick and/or extreme results.Select one fad diet for this assignment.With your description of the diet, answer the following questions.Who discovered or founded the diet?What is the premise of the diet?How does weight loss occur?Is the diet nutritious, allowing for intake from all food groups?What health improvements are expected to come from following this diet?How long does one have to follow the diet to see results?In your opinion, does this diet seem healthy and safe? Why or why not?Does this diet seem reasonable to follow for a lifetime? Why or why not?Have you or anyone you know ever tried the diet? Would you ever consider following it if you wanted to lose weight? Why or why not?Compile your research into a one full page Word document and references should be cited in APA format.

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