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discussion#1Thisweek we address the issue of stake

discussion#1Thisweek we address the issue of stakeholders in business from an ethicalstance of course. A stakeholder is anyone or thing that has somerelation to the business (i.e. your customers, rivals, political bodies,whatever). As a business owner or leader, we want to be concerned withstakeholder opinions and views because they can influence how others seeour business or think about us.Before he left office, PresidentObama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came up with a setof regulations to control car/vehicle exhaust emissions (fumes) to tryto keep the air cleaner. Most people supported the idea on the basis ofbetter breathing and healthier living. The Trump Administration, afew months ago decided to roll back/repeal those regulations. He feltthey were too restrictive and would hurt car sales (I also suspect thatwith friends in the oil and gas industry, President Trump wanted to keepthem happy and profitable. So, we have an ethical dilemma in the sensethat one President wanted to support cleaner air while his successor sawthe regulations as being harmful to his stakeholders (e.g. the oilindustry, auto manufacturers, etc.). Our discussion question for theweek:Leaders often have to make decisions based onchoices to satisfy one or more stakeholder. Ignoring either President,which stakeholder group’s interest/needs should have the higher priorityand why?discussion #2Thisweek, we address the importance of diversity and multiculturalism inthe workplace and society in general. Business organizations arecomprised of many individuals. Each person has their own lifeexperiences, views and values. The world has increasingly become smalleras different populations move into various regions of the world.Business leaders have to try to identify which demographic group to haveto give consideration to when it comes to offer products and services.Wediscussed in -class the ‘Rooney Rule’ The national Football League(NFL) has in place. Here is the definition of the practice: The Rooney Rule isa National Football League policy that requires league teams tointerview ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching and seniorfootball operation jobs. It is an example of affirmative action, eventhough there is no hiring quota or hiring preference given tominorities, only an interviewing quota. It was established in 2003, andvariations of the rule are now in place in other industries.Ourquestion for the week, ‘Are policies such as this beneficial orcreating more issues/concerns in that organizations are being forced topromote diversity?’

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