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DISCUSSION 1:Part I: Individual Risk Assessment Ac

DISCUSSION 1:Part I: Individual Risk Assessment Acute Infectious Disease Risk Assessment: Take the CDC’s Viral Hepatitis Risk Assessment. Hepatitis A, B, C Chronic Heart Disease Risk Assessment: Take the Framingham Heart Study test for Cardiovascular Disease (30-year risk); (calculator), and/or the Mayo Clinic Heart Disease Risk; (calculator)In general terms, what are some of the risk factors identified from your research assessment? What other types of risk factors are a concern to public and environmental health that may be identified through a risk assessment?PART II: Public Health Risk Assessment: The health risk assessment is typically described as consisting of four basic steps: 1) hazard identification, 2) exposure assessment, 3) dose-response assessment, and 4) risk characterization. Explain these steps. Note: You may do Part I, II or both discussion questions as time permits.DISCUSSION 2:Describe the difference between the probability of two mutually exclusive events, two complementary events, and two events that are not mutually exclusive. Give examples of each.DISCUSSION 3:Utopian and Transcendental Thought inspired Karl Marx’s communist model. Do you think it affected the American way of seeing society or do you believe American’s are likely to reject a Utopian approach to society? Compare the perfection sought by these groups and then consider the approaches to social change that emerged from the Second Great Awakening.DISCUSSION 4:Cash Flow Statement AnalyisThis week we turn to the last of the major financial statements – the Cash Flow Statement. Locate and post a screen shot of an actual Cash Flow Statement from the latest fiscal year for one of the following companies:MedtronicsServiceMasterYour own Company (or any company you choose)Pick a Cash Flow Statement line item or ratio from the following list:Line ItemRatioNet Change in CashCash Flow from OperationsCash Flow from InvestingCash Flow from FinancingCapital ExpendituresDividends PaidProceeds from Long Term DebtCash Flow Return on AssetsDividend Payout RatioCap Ex to Depreciation RatioFree Cash FlowWhat does this line item or ratio measure and why is it important for Management to understand this numberFrom the Cash Flow Statement, identify the past 4 years of amounts for your line item or ratio. Share this data with the class using a data table or chart.Answer the following questions:What is the trend for this line item or ratio?Has the line item or ratio amount increased or decreased?Is this a “good’ or a “bad” thing for this company?What might management do to improve this line item or ratio?

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