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Current Attitude of Company QBeing a small local g

Current Attitude of Company QBeing a small local grocery store chain situated in the main metropolitan region, Company Qhas limited knowledge with regard to ethical business practices (Jennifer, 2006). This can besaid because the attitude of company is negative towards social responsibility. Socialresponsibility initiative offers an organization wider opportunities that motivate the trust ofthe employees, stakeholders and the customers but Company Q as evident does not haveemployee trust neither it has the stakeholders trust (Jennifer, 2006) . Employees have stolenand possible frauds have been committed in the organization making the company lose out onconsiderable revenues leading in turn towards closing of various outlets of Company Q.Instead of offering the society, day old food products, the company has opted to throw awaythe food. This clearly depicted social responsibility neglect from the perspective of CompanyQ.RecommendationsActivity 1: Company Q should adopt a unified code of ethics which helps in dismissing theconcern regarding fraudulence committed by employees and this will help the company doprovide day old products to those in need at the local area food bank (Jennifer, 2006). Thiswill imply positive concern shown by Company Q making the customers understand howdevoted the company is to the society at large. Caring for less fortunate in the society willalso help Company Q create a positive brand image of itself. A code of ethics presented in aunified manner will help protects ethical rights not only of Company Q but also of itsstakeholders (employees and even customers) because unethical means of functioning canoften lead to more prices being paid by the customers (Jennifer, 2006). Partnership with thelocal food bank in the region for donating food will help Company Q but it will be evenbetter if Company Q decides to sell the products at the end of the day at a cheaper pricebecause fresh vegetables at the end of the day cannot be stored for the next day. Thesevegetables will be very helpful for the larger community.Activity 2: Company Q should continue to develop activities related to involvement in thecommunity and should keep providing more options related to healthy living such as moreorganic product options. Community involvement activities can be inclusive of conducting aweekly market for educating farmers in its own parking area and also providing classes onweekly basis to all the employees in order to make them aware of the health consciousaspects of foods (Jennifer, 2006). The result from this activity will be 3 fold in natureconstituting to provide knowledge on increasing health prospects, making the perception ofthe community to be positive and attracting customers to more organic food items in turnyielding profit.Activity 3: Social responsibility adoption will be incomplete if Company Q does not cater tothe employees in the right manner. Employees should be understood by the company asvaluable resources and their skills are essential. Employee trust building is thereforenecessary which can be evolved through activities that boost employee morale such asmaking employees an important part of the company and regarding their suggestions (Roper,2007). Workers empowerment will not only help in fostering performance but also companygrowth on the whole. This is also in addition a part of social responsibility as employees arepart of the community and important stakeholders as well.ConclusionCorporate social responsibility is essential for all organizations in the globalized world of 21stcentury. Considering the current attitude of Company Q, the organization has not beenconsidering its social responsibilities in a significant manner. Hence, there is a need forcertain changes that should be implemented in such a manner that provides maximumopportunities and benefits for the society or the community (Roper, 2007). For makingsignificant changes to enhance social responsibilities of the business in the society.

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