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Culture/care theory

Select one of the models/theories presented:

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring
Theory of Caring and Healing
The Quality-Caring Model
Leininger’s Cultural Care Diversity Theory
Campinha-Bacote Model
The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence
Health Disparity

In a three- to four-page scholarly paper, address the following:
– Provide a succinct overview of the model or theory you have selected and discuss how the selected model or theory addresses the four concepts within the nursing metaparadigm (person, health, nursing, environment).
– Discuss how the selected model or theory qualifies as a theoretical framework within the profession of nursing, and its use within the profession.
– Describe how the chosen model or theory can be applied in your future nurse practitioner role

Introduction includes general statements on the value of nursing models and theories as a framework for practice. State the selected model or theory that will be analyzed, and the NP specialty to which application will be presented. Identify sections of the paper. Provide citations from scholarly nursing sources to validate your assertions. 

Overview of Selected Model
Present a succinct overview of the selected model/theory. Discuss the key concepts within the model. Explain how the model addresses each of the concepts within the metaparadigm (person, health, nursing, and environment). Provide citations from scholarly nursing sources to validate your assertions. 

Appraisal of the Model as a Nursing Theory
Explain how the selected model/theory serves (or does not serve) as a theoretical framework for nursing practice for your selected NP specialty area. Discuss how the theory/model has been used within the profession. Provide citations from scholarly nursing sources to validate your assertions. 

Application of the Model to Advanced Practice Nursing
Discuss how the model/theory can serve as a theoretical framework to inform and guide practice within your future nurse practitioner practice. Include one specific example of a population with which the theory/model may be useful. Your example should be substantive, specific, and include a detailed description of how the model would be applied.
The example may come from a published source, or it may be your own creative idea. 
Conventions of formal, scholarly writing should be used (do not use first person)
Provide citations from scholarly nursing sources to validate your work. 

Provide a succinct conclusion to the paper, including the following elements:
-Concluding summary of the model/theory and its value as a theoretical framework 
-Proposed application of the model/theory as a framework for practice in the NP role
-Self-reflection regarding what was learned from completing this assignment.
-Writing in the first-person may be included for the self-reflection. 

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