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Consider the concept of grit as discussed in the P

Consider the concept of grit as discussed in the Positive Psychology Corner for Module 2. Readthis article: 5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset Using Grit and Resilience. Your task is to design astudy that looks at whether setting tiny goals that align with your purpose increases grit.Select a case study, naturalistic observation, survey, or archival research to study theeffectiveness of setting tiny goals that align with a person’s purpose to increase their grit.Follow the eight steps below to write a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-pointArial or Times New Roman font) in which you cite your textbook and the article as sources:Organization for your PaperIntroduction: Explain what grit is and its general importance to students (provide an in-text citation for any information you learned from the article).Name and describe the research method (case study, naturalistic observation, survey, orarchival research) you will use to study whether or not people who set tiny goals thatalign with their purpose develop more grit. Include in your description:A brief description of how you will conduct the study such as what will need to be done,what will be measured (HINT; you can use this grit scale to measure a study participant’sgrit). Include:a. A description of the Independent Variableb. A description of the Dependent VariableA description of at least two strengths and two weaknesses of this research methodA description of the reliability of this research methodA description of the validity of this research methodAfter completing steps 1-6, read this paragraph about true experiments and explain the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a true experiment (to see if using small goals that align with your purpose will improve your grit) compared to your study described above.Note on True Experiments: As described in your text, the most significantdifference between experimental research method and descriptive or correlationalstudies is the random selection of research participants and the randomassignment to groups to remove the impact of confounding variables. Because wecannot usually do this in real life, experimental research occurs in a lab orcontrolled environment. However, because of the random selection andassignment, scientists can then establish the statistical presence or absence of acause and effect relationship between two variables instead of just the presence orabsence of a correlation between them.8. Make sure you include in-text citations at the end of each sentence in which you used anyideas, information, or quotes from the textbook or the article. Then, provide a Referencesection for your sources.

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