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Clearly and accurately identify a problem, whether

Clearly and accurately identify a problem, whether a business issue or a social issue. Describe and define the problem. Integrate the use of PICOC (section 2.2, table 2.1).Then, in your search for a solution to the problem, find evidence from each of the following sources: practitioners, stakeholders, organization/internal data, and scientific literature. Provide a summary and sourcing for evidence from each of those groups. Be thorough, and avoid cherry-picking sources to come to a foregone conclusion. If there are conflicting pieces of evidence within groups, be sure to note and explain that. (Use APA formatting for references and citations. If you need help, 1) please use the Writing Lab and 2) check out this link: the flowchart 2.2 and create a model reflecting your work. Do not worry about the more detailed flow chart–for this assignment, I am only expecting you to develop the simple model reflected in 2.2.After you have done your background research, then provide at least three possible solutions. For each solution, you must 1) describe the costs and benefits of each solution and 2) identify how likely it is that each solution would be successful. Use that information to tell me what the best solution is. Please note: your ability to do this will improve over the course of the semester, as you will develop some skills that help you learn to critically appraise and aggregate evidence. Do the best you can to develop solutions, but understand that you will be expected to go beyond your current level later in the semester.Note: lots of things can be problems/issues. How do I reduce employee turnover in this field? Can I increase ethical behavior or decrease a certain kind of unethical behavior? Which person should be promoted? Where should our next headquarters be located? How do I get my followers to accept a particular change? What motivates employees the most, given that I have limited resources and want to use them most efficiently? And on and on and on. And you’d maybe need to make those general questions a little more specifically defined. Maybe you’re interested in a social problem, like homelessness in a certain area, or how to improve a failing school (or understanding why schools in the same county perform so differently) in a given school district, or something else. What you choose to use as a problem is pretty open. But the problem needs to be well defined. If you have questions about it, let’s talk about it.

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