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Choose one neural pathway (for example, visual sys

Choose one neural pathway (for example, visual system, auditory pathways, or Papez circuit). In your assignment, you will explain how it works and how it affects behavior.Search the Capella library and the Internet for scholarly, peer-reviewed, and professional articles on the pathway you have chosen. Find at least three resources to support your work, including one research study that involves this pathway and the area of psychology in which you work or are currently studying.REQUIREMENTSFor the neural pathway you have selected, complete the following:Explain the structure of the pathway.Explain how messages are transmitted to the brain along this pathway.Analyze the relationship between the pathway and behavior.Using the research study you located, complete the following:Explain the purpose of the study. What question were the researchers trying to answer?Summarize the findings or conclusions of the study.Explain how the findings or conclusions of the study can be useful to you in your professional work.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSInclude a title page and reference page.Number of pages: 4–6At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources.APA format.Times New Roman font, 12 point.Double-spaced.Book: Carlson, N. R. (2014). Foundations of behavioral neuroscience (9th ed.). Boston, MA: PearsonLibrary:

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