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Choose One!!,Either Option A or Option B.wor

Choose One!!,Either Option A or Option B.word count at least 300Choose one of the following questions and write an essay on it. Option A.Nikolai Bukharin wrote, “There is something great and bold about the political idea of a general purge.” How did he reconcile the terror with his socialist ideals? Did his understanding of the rationale match what happened? In your answer, describe the main elements of the Great Terror of 1936-1938 and evaluate Bukharin’s interpretation.Option B.How does the novella Sofia Petrovna illustrate the social atmosphere of Soviet cities in 1937-38? How were the main character’s mentality and daily life shaped by the distinctive expectations of Soviet socialism at the start of the story, and how were they altered by Stalin’s terror? Should we see Sofia Petrovna’s story as typical, and if so, typical of whom?

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