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case study paper:Youlead a group of five mobile so

case study paper:Youlead a group of five mobile software engineers involved in thedevelopment of a new mobile cloud service for providing voice overinternet protocol (VOIP) that enables call to be made over WiFi butbetter than Microsoft’s Skype VOIP product. Your manager tells you thatbecause of a company-wide layoff, you will need to give notice to onemember of your team. From your interactions with team members, you caneasily identify the two members who are least productive, but you arenot sure which of them you should lay off. You know that the companykeeps track of all Internet traffic to each person’s computer, althoughyou have never shared this information with you team. You could use thisinformation to determine how much time, if any, these two employees arespending surfing the Web.Whatmight be some of the implications by accessing these records? Whatmight be the key ethical and/or moral issues, from your perspective,with using these records to make a managerial decision? How does thisplay into what we learned in this course about monitoringand surveillance of employees? Yourpaper should be about 4 to 6 pages long (not including the title pageand the reference page). References must be listed and cited in APAformat. The final paper may be subjected to checkingagainst plagiarism ( by the Instructor. The final papermust follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15%originality score).

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