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Case study

Using the Case study provided(Please find the attached document) write a 2-page paper addressing the questions in the Case(Questions are below). Provide references in your paper (cited and referenced in APA format), citations. Please use the following sources.  

1. Do some Internet research on Chevrons use of seismic imaging technology. Briefly explain how it works and how it has helped Chevron discover new oil and gas reservoirs.

2. Do some Internet research on security vulnerabilities associated with SCADA and digital industrial control systems. Summarize the major security concerns associated with these systems and steps than can be taken to enhance their security.

3. Discuss the pros and cons of moving enterprise-wide applications that have traditionally been supported on-premises to the cloud.

4. Do some Internet research on identity management and single sign-on systems. Briefly explain how these work and why they are important in business intranets and extranets.

5. Why is it increasing most important for a CIO or IT executive who oversees geographically distributed enterprise networks to be business literate?


[CHEV12] Seismic Imaging. Retrieved online: at

[GALL12] Gallant, J. Chevrons CIO Talks Transformation and Why IT Leaders Should Smile. April 12, 2012. Retrieved online at:

[SCRI11] Chevron Corporation CRUSH Report. August 17, 2011. Retrieved online at

[STAT12] Statistic Brain. Chevron Company Statistics. February 12, 2102. Retrieved online at:

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