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Business Negotiations

Business people are often involved in negotiations with internal and external audiences. Managers and business owners must negotiate with employees, with vendors, with customers and sometimes with community members or members of regulatory organizations. Fortunately even the most negotiation-averse business people can use strategies to improve their business negotiation success. For this week’s discussion, identify and discuss 4 negotiation strategies that can be used in an organizational setting.  Be sure to comment on the pros and cons of each one.  After completing this task, discuss what strategy you would use to handle this conflict:

You have a nurse on your ICU unit.  She has expressed concerns that many of the senior nurses are not being assigned work on the evening and weekend shifts. She has indicated that the other staff are very upset and threatening to go to upper management or the union.  She has come to you as a courtesy before going any further. How can you resolve this conflict without causing more tension between the staff and  getting people outside the union involved?

Use internet sources please

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