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Building Understanding and Respecting FamiliesWhic

Building Understanding and Respecting FamiliesWhich of these categories of families do you know the least? What strengths and challenges might these families have that would help you work with them and their children? As you strive to do anti-bias work and help children understand and respect each other’s families, what do you need to know?To begin, choose three types of families from the list below to be the focus of your exploration. You may want to learn more about families of children with whom you work or anticipate working with, families with whom you anticipate feeling uncomfortable, and/or families with whom you have not had contact. Single-parent familiesBlended and extended familiesAdoptive familiesOne or more family members incarceratedFoster familiesMilitary familiesTransnational FamiliesGay/Lesbian-headed familiesBased on the textbook reading for this week and your additional resources, summarize your insights.List at least three key strategies that might be used to help adults and/or children understand each other’s families with more respect.For this assignment, write an essay in which you address all of the components listed above for each of the three family types you selected.At the conclusion of your essay, summarize your findings as detailed above, including a reflective section that responds to the following questions:What insights have you gained this week with regard to specific categories of families that foster your anti-bias work with adults and children?What misconceptions or assumptions of yours, if any, were dispelled?What resources did you find to be invaluable?What qualities and skills do you already possess that might help you to positively support and communicate with every child’s unique family?Assignment length: approximately 3 pages + First and References APA References: Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves Chapter 9, ‘Learning about Family Structures and Fairness’Arndt, J. S., & McGuire-Schwartz, M. (2008). Early childhood school success: Recognizing families as integral partners. Childhood Education, 84(5), 281. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Education Research Complete database:

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