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Based solely on the linked OERs, answer the follow

Based solely on the linked OERs, answer the following questions in your own words. You do not need to use complete sentences.DO NOT use other sourcesDO NOT block & copyjust use the blue link to answer the qustionsClaus Sluter (c.1340-1406)(Art Encyclopedia)1. Where was Claus Sluter born?1. (type answer here)2. Where did Claus Sluter work before he entered the service of Duke Philip the Bold?2. 3. What is the name of the monastery where the Well of Moses is located?3. 4. What 12 figures appear on sides and corners the Well of Moses?4. 5. What was originally on top of the Well of Moses?5. 6. Who painted and gilded Claus Sluter’s carvings on the Well of Moses?6. Claus Sluter, The Well of Moses(NEWTrowbridge screencast, 21’10)7. What region of France is the Monastery of Champmol in?7. 8. What other region did Duke Philip the Bold acquire by marriage? Why is that relevant to the Well of Moses?8. 9. 10. What order of monks was housed at the Monastery of Champmol?10. 11-13. Name three reasons why Duke Philip the Bold had the Monastery of Champmol built.11. 12. 13. 14. What is a “cloister”?14. 15. Why are the angels on the corners of the Well of Moses crying?15. 16. Why does the figure of Moses have horns?16. 17. What is the significance of the flowers in David’s crown? 17. 18-19. In addition to the letter D, what is on the hem of David’s robe? Why?18. 19. 20. Which prophet is thought to have the features of Duke Philip the Bold?20.

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