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BA 225Managerial AccountingManagerial Accounting T

BA 225Managerial AccountingManagerial Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making, 5th EditionWeygandt, Kimmel, KiesoE1-5 Elder Company is a manufacturer of personal computers. Various costs and expenses associated with its operations are below. The company intends to classify these costs and expenses into categories. Match the Cost and Expenses with the appropriate Category.Associate each cost/expense with each association category:Cost and Expenses Association Categories1. Property taxes on the factory building2. Production superintendents’ salaries3. Memory boards and chips used in assembling computers4. Depreciation on the factory equipment.5. Salaries for assembly line quality control inspectors6. Sales commissions paid to sell personal computers.7. Electrical components used in assembling computers.8. Wages of workers assembling personal computers9. Soldering materials used on factory assembly line.10. Salaries for the night security guards for the factory building.Categories:a. Direct materialsb. Direct laborc. Manufacturing overheadd. Period costs

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