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Audience: Consider that your audience is neutral:

Audience: Consider that your audience is neutral: receptive, yet skeptical. Topic: Innovators Speakers. The theme of our Essay #1 is innovation. Explore specific innovators’ processes and points-of-view. What inspires their innovation? How were their new perspectives and practices different than those who came before? How were the innovations received by the general public? How would you define innovation, or innovators, based on the examples you explored? Create a thesis that makes one original, specific, arguable claim about innovation—a definition, a process, a frame of mind, a perspective, etc. Support this thesis statement about innovation using credible, authoritative sources and specific examples. My thesis for the essay you can make edit on it: Innovative speakers use innovative way to convince their audience for their ideas.Your research should inform andsupport your own thesis statement. Your thesis should contain critical andoriginal thinking (not merely summarize another source’s ideas). Avoidgeneralities by using research and SPECIFIC EXAMPLES to substantiate youroriginal ideas.This essay will include: Thesis statement that makes a specific, debatable, original claim. Thesis should avoid either/or, for/against claims. Introduction and conclusion (For the hook, consider anecdote, personal story, analogy, intriguing question, etc.). The conclusion should reflect on the importance and relevance of this issue, and your thesis. Answer: “So what?” and/or “What now?”Context: Include an explanation of the necessary context/background for this topic (a bit about the debate, multiple points-of-view, or relevance of the topic).Research: Incorporate 2-3 different AUTHORITATIVE, CREDIBLE sources that support your thesis in varying ways. These sources can be from national newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.), local newspapers, well-known magazines, books, articles, credible websites, or peer-reviewed databases (EBSCOhost, etc.). Avoid personal blogs and opinions from personal websites. Conduct the CRAAP test for each of these sources to ensure that they are authoritative. Feel free to use the library’s search database to find these sources. Avoid plagiarism by summarizing the source in your own words, quoting only the most effective parts, and citing all information that comes from the sources. Remember to create boundaries (signal phrases and in-text citations) when you’re synthesizing source material and your own ideas.Update: We will be addressing an opposing point-of-view later in the semester, but I have omitted that expectation for this essay. Instead, focus on supporting your unique point-of-view with specific examples and research. MLA formatting: MLA header and in-text citations. We are going to work on creating a Works Cited page after tutorials, but please compile a list of the sources you used as part of the process. At least 3 quotations with in-text citations. Include many in-text citations throughout, even if you’re not quoting from that source.PIE paragraphs. 800+ wordsuse a simple language on this essay

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