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Assignment ContentCongratulations, you have been p

Assignment ContentCongratulations, you have been promoted to lead project manager (PM) to oversee a bariatric facility adjacent to the hospital campus. The executive stakeholder is the hospital’s chief financial officer (CFO), and as the lead PM, you will work closely with the director of facilities. You created a team consisting of a cross-functional group of hospital stakeholders and members of the community. As you and your team start to work, you find that the standards for developing a bariatric unit are not as well-defined as other units. Your team has several opinions for what this unit may look like and work together to create a presentation that will satisfy the investor’s needs. As a team, research bariatric units and how they are designed in a hospital setting.Create a 12- to 15-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that showcases your team’s facility to the investors. See my notes about PowerPoint presentations below. Your presentation should: Analyze essential environmental elements in bariatric facility design that would be important to the community stakeholders.Differentiate the facility equipment and technology used within a bariatric facility for your clinical stakeholders.Analyze the use of community demographics and accessibility in facility planning for your bariatric facility.Explain to your financial stakeholders the importance of creating a facility based on the needs of your bariatric patients.Include images of ideal bariatric facility components throughout the presentation. Note: Citation credit is required for images copied from the internet.Cite Hayward and at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.Format your citations according to APA guidelines. Include a title screen, detailed speaker notes, and a references page. You may place your citations on slides or in your speaker notes, or both, whatever is most appropriate for the context, This is my part I am suppose to do . Analyze essential environmental elements in bariatric facility design that would be important to the community stakeholders.

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