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Assignment 8.2: String Manipulation Complete each

Assignment 8.2: String Manipulation Complete each of the following String manipulation problems in a file called Your program should read in two Strings from the keyboard as shown below. It should then do the following: Measure the length of both words entered by the user and save the length in the related variable. Then use an if-statement to compare the two word lengths and print the word that is longer.Determine whether the two words are the same (Hint: remember the equals method?)Concatenate the first 2 letters of the variable first and the last 3 letters of variable second. Assign the result of the concatenation operations to variable extract. Hint: Use charAt()Note that you may assume the user enters words of sufficient length to complete this stepCompare the two words using compareTo to determine which one comes first alphabeticall. Assignment 8.3: What’s Your Rock Star Name? (see the picture)

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