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Assignment #2 1. Create an introduction to your re

Assignment #2 1. Create an introduction to your report by stating the date and location of the concert.Name the performers, and describe the setting of the stage etc. What is the general mood of theaudience compared to Encore 1?2. Choose any one piece from the first half of the program that was of particular interest to you.Describe the music by discussing the instrumentation, the melody, and the other materials of music e.g.rhythm, harmony, texture etc. Discuss your response to this music (intellectually and/or emotionally).Was the music pleasing, annoying, intriguing etc.?What sounds did you hear in the music that evoked your response?3. Choose a piece from the second half of the program that you would like to discuss. Describe thepiece (as in question two).4. Discuss the individual members of Ensemble Made in Canada. Did each player seem to have adifferent role within the group, or did they contribute equally? How did the performers interact witheach other and with the audience?5. What was your overall impression of this concert? Discuss the format of the concert. Did you preferthe format of this concert compared to other concerts you have attended? Do you think this concert willaffect the way you listen to music in the future?Note: Answer each question with one paragraph. Each paragraph should be roughly the same length(paragraphs 1 and 5 could be slightly shorter than the others) . If you choose a multi-movement work,discuss each movement in your answer. Be sure that your total word count does not exceed 850 words.Do not number your answers, and do not include the questions in your report. You are allowed to takenotes during the concert, but use a small notebook in order to take notes quietly and discreetly.This assignment is due in class, Thursday, February 6, 2020 – Deductions for late assignments arestated in the course outline.

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