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Assignment 1 InstructionsThe following is the deta

Assignment 1 InstructionsThe following is the detailed description of part 1 of the written assignment 1. Assignment 1 hastwo parts. Part 1 is related to chapters 1 and 2; part 2 is related to chapters 3 and 4.In your answer, please identify the question (Question#), then copy and paste the question itself.Following that, provide your answer. Answer every question thoroughly.’Cut and paste’answers from the textbook or any other source are not acceptable. Phrase the answer in yourown words as much as possible. Obviously, that excludes marketing and social psychologicalconcepts that you need to us as they are. Working this way on this assignment will help you tostudy the material deeply and make it your own. Also, if a question asks you to provide anexample do not skip that part.To answer the questions in this assignment, use the course textbook only. You are encouraged to studywith other members of the class. But your assignment ought to be written independently.Assignment 1 Part 11. Explain and give three examples how technology benefits both consumers and marketers.2. Describe in detail the components of the Consumer Decision-Making model.3. How do you combine segmentation, targeting and positioning to come up with a fullmarketing strategy? Give an example.4. What are the characteristics of target segments worth perusing and why is each one important?5. What is real-time bidding? Describe the four group of sites that collect information for real-timebidding.Assignment 1 Part 21. Explain the dynamics of motives, needs and goals, and how they shape consumerbehavior.2. Present and explain The Motivation Process.3. Present and explain all the elements in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how marketers can takeadvantage of this theory as it relates to consumer behavior.4. Give examples of how perception shapes sensory input (sight, scent, touch, sound, and taste)5. Explain how consumer judges the quality of service (Including price as an indicator ofquality).

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