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As she sat in her Accounting I class while listeni

As she sat in her Accounting I class while listening to the lecture on journal entries, Jessica Jones began to daydream. As a young girl, she remembered sitting in the kitchen while her mom and aunts baked delicious rum raisin cakes. She remembered that the cakes sold very quickly, especially at holiday time, and that people were traveling from far away to buy them. Her mom learned to bake from her mother, and she wrote down the cake recipes in case Jessica or one of her siblings decided to follow in her footsteps. However, Jessica chose to follow in her dad’s path and so she enrolled in college with plans of being an accountant. Her two older sisters where already studying to a lawyer and a dentist.Jessica had an epiphany as she sat in class, she would leave school at the end of the semester to open up a bakery specializing in rum raisin cakes. Jessica anticipated that most of her business would be based on special order, customized cakes. She anticipated selling cakes for family weekend gatherings, birthday and wedding celebrations, and holiday gatherings. She also wanted to have a few cakes available in a store to appeal to the drop in customer.In December 2016 Jessica followed her plans; she dropped out of college, created a business plan, and incorporated as Pretty Cakes Bakery Inc. (PCB). The P is in honor of her mom Pamela who passed away earlier this year. Jessica planned to open her business on January 1, 2017. She would use the some of the $50,000 inheritance from her mom as start-up capital and receive a minimal salary of $500 per month for the first year of business. Uncle David, a marketing executive with a national bank, agreed to provide her with marketing support pro-bono.Jessica found the perfect location for her business. A take-out restaurant on a busy intersection in Orlando, FL, became available after a bitter divorce between the owners. The landlord was impressed with Jessica’s vision and agreed to pay for all renovations and charge her $600 per month for rent.

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