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As a group, research and provide two case studies

As a group, research and provide two case studies of organizations that have implemented SCMTopic: SCMAssignments instructions: Group Project 1 Paper Analyzing and Summarizing Cases.docxGuide:Read carefully to avoid confusion and mistakesAll use sources must be cited in APA formatUse the GRADING RUBRIC, it will help us reach the assignment goal and points neededNEXT: I will submit the memo paper and Group project 2. This assignment is the base for assignment.2 Cases we selected —-Use this————————————————McDonald’s Supply Chain ManagementSubaru supply chain management?Please find the breakdown of the SCM Topic for my teamThey have divided the roles as below, however I will handling this part ‘lessons learned from the implementation both positive and negativeaspects’’Group Project 1: (Explanation of Supply Chain Management) :the business they are in (by Shawn Richardson)how other organizations have implemented such systemsthe problem they were trying to solvewhether the enterprise system implementation was a success or notlessons learned from the implementation both positive and negative aspects.why it was or was not a success in terms of cost, schedule, quality, and performance (this is important – don’t forget it!)Assignment: lessons learned from the implementation both positive and negativeaspects’’NOTE,: Please answer separated for both 2 cases(1. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management & 2. Subaru supply chainmanagement) and you addressing just my own part of the question. Must Use sourcesBelow are the websites for McDonald’s SCM. are the websites for Subaru SCM——upcoming——upcoming I will be submitting for you to handle the below, this will be an expansion on the same topic——Group 2 Project: (Develop an executive-level PowerPoint presentation that uses SCM).An evaluation of what each organization did right and what they did wrong; compare and contrast them.Your own set of considerations—both positive and negative—that the CIO should think about prior to making any suggestions that the organization move forward. Your group should consider and address, at a minimum:benefits of enterprise systemslimitations of enterprise systemsdetermining the best fit for the organizationimplementation planning and success criteria, including structure, processes, and culture of the organization; the phases of the System Development Life Cycle; and other considerationspotential to enable an enterprise architecture

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