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Article Reading Response

Reading response

The readings this week are written by authors who are experts on design thinking, but are writing principally for an audience of non-designers (specifically, managers/business leaders). So in addition to telling us about design thinking, the readings are a window into the ways that non-designers perceive designers (and themselves). 

If you’re a design major: These authors are non-designers describing the ways that designers think and work How does that feel to you? What have they missed? What do you think theyve gotten wrong? What other differences (or similarities) have you seen, based on your own experience and the course so far? 

If you’re not a design major: By setting up this contrast of how designers think/work to business as usual, the authors are also saying something about non-designers. How does that feel to you? Do you think theres as sharp a contrast in design thinking vs other modes of thinking and problem solving as they describe? What other differences (or similarities) have you seen, based on your own experience and the course so far? 

For full credit: Use specific examples from the readings to support your answers. Use specific stories and life experiences of your own to make your response unique to you. Make sure youve answered the why question for any position or opinion that youve expressed.

As you thoughtfully answer each question in the prompt, ask yourself: Have I provided a perspective with enough detail to spur curiosity and commentary from my classmates? How might I draw on my own life experience or other coursework to make this response unique and personal?

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