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Applying Supply and Demand: Real World ExamplesFor

Applying Supply and Demand: Real World ExamplesFor this assignment you will find a news article (not a blog, not Wikipedia, not an opinion article, a news article) that describes a change in supply, demand or both in a real world market. The learning objective is to understand how supply and demand impacts markets and prices.Begin by downloading and studying: Supply and Demand Graphs.pptx Supply and Demand Graphs.pptx – Alternative Formats SupplyAndDemandGraphs2.doc SupplyAndDemandGraphs2.doc – Alternative Formats researchProjectRubric.pdf researchProjectRubric.pdf – Alternative FormatsAssignment HistoryFind one or two news articles from the Internet that illustrate a shift in supply and/or demand. The article(s) need to illustrate at least two of the four graphs. This may require two articles. The article(s) must be recent (within the last six months), and MUST NOT be from an encyclopedia or reference website that discusses demand and supply.DO NOT use blogs.The best articles are about changes in the price and/or sales of a particular product. You then have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of supply and demand shifts as you explain the changes in price and quantity experienced by the product you choose. RECOMMENDATION: READ THE SAMPLE PROJECT: Under the Getting Started link.Summarize the article. (Do not quote the article, but explain it as if you were telling someone about it. If you do use direct quotes or paraphrases, remember that citations and references are required.) If you use more than one article, then citations are required.Explain which graph in our collection – A, B, C, or D – illustrates the shift that you identify by describing the change in equilibrium quantity. Remember to illustrate the shifts shown in at least two of the four graphs.Some articles may describe a situation where both curves shift. This is not common but it is possible.Do use paragraphs in your post. And do remain focused on what is in the article.Provide a full URL link to the article along with an APA-formatted reference to the article at the bottom of your submission.Important: This is a Microeconomic course. Do not choose an article discussing Macroeconomic issues: Inflation, unemployment, trade deficit, government budget deficit, etc.RUBRIC FOR RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT – MICROECONOMICSLevels of AchievementCriteriaPoor workPartial workGood workArticle quality(10 points)Article selected is not appropriate (no current news, self-implied graph in title, encyclopedia)(0 points)Article is partially acceptable: old, too broad (macro), partial self-implied graph in title(5 points)Proper article selected (current news, title refers to changes in price or sales)(10 points)Specific graph reference(10 points)No specific graph reference (A, B, C, or D)(0 points)Graph is implied but it’s not named or identified(5 points)A specific graph (A, B, C or D) is selected(10 points)Appropriate graph reference(40 points)Graph is selected, but it’s not appropriate or consistent with the article being used(0 points)Graph selected is not appropriate but arguments used are(20 points)Student selects an appropriate graph(40 points)Graph justification(40 points)No justification of graph (s)(0 points)Weak arguments justifying graph (s)(20 points)Student justifies graph(s) properly(40 points)If you have any questions or concerns, email me.To receive full credit, your submission must be at least at least 750 words long, excluding the reference and the article link information.Now click on the ‘Final Research Assignment’ title at the top of the page and submit your assignment as a Word Document.

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