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aollow the instructions in the Excel Software Lab

aollow the instructions in the Excel Software Lab Manual, the Hawkes Technology Resource (Links to an external site.) or your notes from class to have Excel create your answers to the questions below. Use the Class Survey Data for the first two questions and the World Bank World Development Indicators Data for the last three questions.For this assignment you should copy your Excel graphics into a word document (doc or docx) for submission. Do not turn in the data. On the exam you will turn in the Excel file to show your work in case partial credit is awarded. Excel is a tool to create items but should not be used in the presentation of these items. Up-to half credit will be awarded for any assignment turned in within a week of the deadline. What is the mean number of Siblings, sample variance of Siblings, range for Age, and median for Age?Construct a frequency table for Phone_Hours with at least 4 classes. Make sure that all values between the smallest and the largest values are included in your created classes.What is the mean, median, range, and sample standard deviation for ‘Unemployment’ in 1991? Using your answers for mean and median determine whether this data symmetric, left-skewed, or right-skewed?Construct a histogram for ‘Unemployment’ in 1991 with 7 classes of width 5 starting at 0. Why does your histogram reveal the same answer regarding symmetry and skewness as your answer to the previous answer?

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