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In support of your academic success, Abstracts are required on each of your papers. Your Abstract needs to identify specific changes you have made in your paper based upon your previous paper and your professors reviews. For this paper, please use the review of one of your papers from another course. Your Abstract needs to be comprised of 150 to 200 words and placed at the beginning of your paper.

Please write a thesis statement in the introduction and restate the thesis statement in the conclusion.This paper needs to be presented in active voice. For additional information and clarification, please review page 77 of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the APA for additional information and clarification

This assignment requires 4 additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and  in-text citation from each source be included. Please include the pages when citing the resources.

Cultural diversity has implications beyond basic understanding of and respect for other cultures. Today, teacher leaders must engage with the analysis and synthesis of the elements of cultural diversity to develop global competency. Further, this engagement must include the elements of cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and cultural action. In addition, global awareness of special populations includes a multitude of distinct circumstances and environmental parameters that expand the traditional brick and mortar classroom/student definition. To effectively reach these populations, teacher leaders must re-conceptualize the nature of these populations leading to revised teaching strategies. In this assignment, you will discuss cultural diversity and its influence on teaching strategies.

Write a paper (1,100-1,500 words) in which you discuss cultural diversity and its influence on teaching strategies. Address the following themes with support from the extant literature:

The nature of global competency. How do teacher leaders analyze and synthesize the elements of cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity, cultural action, and cultural diversity to develop the notion of global competency?
The nature of special populations in the global educational environment. How and to what extent do teacher leaders re-conceptualize their understanding of the nature of special populations given the global educational environment? How and to what extent does the classroom/student relationship change when examined in the global educational environment? What are the ethical implications of this re-conceptualizing?
The influence of global competency and special populations on teaching strategies. How and to what extent do teacher leaders reflect upon and revise teaching strategies in consideration of the global educational environment? (Benchmarks C4.1: Suggest methods of teaching and learning for culturally diverse recipients.)

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