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1. To what extent, if at all, do social, emotional, and cognitive skills define the parameters of the special population spectrum in the 21st century global environment? Justify and and support your view with citations from the current empirical research.

2. Does a global awareness of special populations influence universal teaching strategies? Why or why not? Justify your position with support from the empirical research.


1. Sinclair, J., Hansen, S. G., Machalicek, W., Knowles, C., Hiran, K. A., Dolata, J.,…Murray, C. (2018). A 16-year review of participant diversity in intervention research across a selection of 12 special education journals. Exceptional Children,84(3), 312-329.

2. Barnard-Brak, L., Johnsen, S. K., Hannig, A. P., & Wei, T. (2015). The incidence of potentially gifted students within a special education population. Roeper Review, 37(2), 7483.

3. Paniagua, A. (2017). The intersection of cultural diversity and special education in Catalonia: The subtle production of exclusion through classroom routines. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 48(2), 141-158.

4. Caputo, A. (2017). Where do the students come from? Possible teaching strategies to address the culture gap in the classroom. Ohio Social Studies Review, 54(2), 7-12.

5. Obura Ogange, B., Agak, J. O., Odhiambo Okelo, K., & Kiprotich, P. (2018). Student perceptions of the effectiveness of formative assessment in an online learning environment. Open Praxis, 10(1), 2939.

6. Chakowa, J. (2018). Enhancing beginners’ second language learning through an informal online environment. Journal of Educators Online, 15(1), 1-14.

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