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Absolutely required for full points:APA or MLA Ess

Absolutely required for full points:APA or MLA Essay format, including appropriate in-text citations and references.Page header, page numberCover page (Include a copy of these instructions as your cover sheet)Report Title- Please, include the name of your country, name of the company and the product you have selected as your titleAn introductory paragraphUse headings and subheadings to identify specific sections and topics Use Times New Roman Font 12 pointDouble space your assignmentMLA : : WORD DOCUMENTS are accepted for this project as TURNITIN cannot evaluate other file formats. (Your score cannot exceed 25% on the originality check, if it does, it will be carefully evaluated.Grammar and spelling are part of the grade. Please, use the Writing Center if needed.Data Resources: Use only resources that have been validated either by the government, a legitimate industry journal, erudite author, or an educational institution. See Legitimate Resources Guidelines. DO NOT USE THE TEXTBOOK as a reference for this assignment.Include resources and references as requested in each assignment – Without proper quotes and references your paper will not be gradedBecause this is a research assignment every submission of the research paper must include 3-4 sources. Internet sources must be peer reviewed and legitimate or they will not be counted as valid.Assignment Requirements Your response to the following prompts should be written in narrative form. Do not list the questions, incorporate your responses in a smooth flowing narrative using a standard paragraph format that addresses each topic. Use headings and subheadings to organize your paper. (Review the grading rubric before submitting your assignment): What company have you selected? Why?Find your company’s annual report, based on information found in the annual reportList the Board of directorsInclude a chart of stock market performanceIn what countries does your company currently do business?Describe the product you plan to introduce into your destination country

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