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33. Alternative views about quality. Here are seve

33. Alternative views about quality. Here are several commentsthat relate to either the quality-based view or the traditionalview of quality. a. Indicate whether each statement best describes the qualitybased view nor the traditional view of quality b. Indicate what each statement would say if it related to theopposity view of quality. For example. If the statement relates tothe quality-based view, then give a statement that would reflectthe traditional view of quality. 1. Most of our staff accountants don’t stay with us long enoughso that we can trust their work. 2. You get what you pay for. If you buy high-quality computerequipment, you will have fewer breakdowns and less time lost on thejob. 3. There is no reason to buy high-quality appliances for ourhouse because we plan to sell it in five years. 4. I shop only where I trust the people who sell me stuff. 5. We have always done (name the activity) this way. There is nopoint in changing now. 6. High quality comes with high costs. 7. I know that providing high quality services pays off in thelong run, but if I spend more than my budget. I won’t be aroundhere in the long run. 8. We spend 20 percent of our total product costs on rework. Wemust find a way to improve the quality of our productionprocesses. 9. Training costs a lot of money. We can’t afford to provide alot of training only to have employees quit. . . .

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