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14.9Xr14-09Because there are no national or region

14.9Xr14-09Because there are no national or regionalstandards, it is difficult for university admissioncommittees to compare graduates of different highschools. University administrators have noted thatan80% average at a high school with low standardsmay be equivalent to a 70% average at anotherschool with higher standards of grading. In aneffort to more equitably compare applications, apilot study was initiated. Random samples of stu-dents who were admitted the previous year fromfour local high schools were drawn. All the stu-dents entered the business program with averagesbetween70% and 80%. Their average grades in thefirst year at the university were computed.a. Can the university admissions officer concludethat there are differences in grading standardsbetween the four high schools?b. What are the required conditions for the testconducted in part (a)?c. Does it appear that the required conditions ofthe test in part (a) are satisfied?

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