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14.48Xr14-10a. Apply Tukey’s multiple comparison m

14.48Xr14-10a. Apply Tukey’s multiple comparison methodto determine which forms differ in Exercise 14.10.b. Repeat Part a applying the Bonferroni adjustment.14.49Xr14-49Police cars, ambulances, and other emer-gency vehicles are required to carry road flares.One of the most important features of flares is theirburning times. To help decide which of four brandson the market to use, a police laboratory technicianmeasured the burning time for a random sample of10 flares of each brand. The results were recordedto the nearest minute.a. Can we conclude that differences exist betweenthe burning times of the four brands of flares?b. Apply Fisher’s LSD method with the Bonferroniadjustment to determine which flares are better.c. Repeat Part b using Tukey’s method

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