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14.27 to 14.31 compare liberals, moderates, and co

14.27 to 14.31 compare liberals, moderates, and conser-vatives (POLVIEWS:1, 2, 3=Liberal , 4=Moderate, 5, 6,7=Conservatives.)14.27GSS2012*Are liberals, moderates, and conser-vatives all equally educated? Test to determinewhether differences exist in the amount of educa-tion (EDUC).14.28GSS2012*Can we infer from the data that thereare differences in the amount of television watched(TVHOURS)?14.29GSS2012*Is it a myth that conservatives workharder than do liberals and moderates? Test todetermine whether there are differences in numberof hours of work per week (HRS1).14.30GSS2012*Is there sufficient evidence to infer thatthere are differences in the number of children(CHILDS) between adherents of the three politicalviewpoints?14.31GSS2012*Is it true that younger Americans tendto be liberal and older Americans more conserva-tive? To help discover the truth, start by determin-ing whether there is enough statistical evidence toconclude that there are differences in age (AGE)between liberals, moderates, and conservatives

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