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1. Introduction:Construction is an old human activ

1. Introduction:Construction is an old human activity that began with the structural need for a team leadership environment to mitigate risks due to the climate which is called refuge, and which will become a global species. It started from the time of the primitive human being to protect itself from the cold, rain and heat. In the 21st century we have all the facilities, but we must face the risk, the next challenges related to many factors, such as environmental problems, quality problems and inadequate skills of workers. Construction management is an art that generally consists of observing a variety of variables and problems in the construction of the building in terms of the availability of construction workers, stocks of equipment, equipment and underground investigations. These are the threat to the project and these types of difficulties represent a challenge for the construction manager in terms of time that will exceed the delivery of the project.1.1 Purpose of the StudyThe main purpose of this research is to analyze time management during the construction of a building, because as we know, time management is a crucial part of any project. Therefore, critical thinking is an essential task for rapid growth. Furthermore, it searches and compares information, creates topics from different points of view. The purpose of this study is to learn about the lessons of past construction risks and also how to manage these dangers over time.The first term is to analyze the problems of delay and its impact on performance. As we know, time is a key factor for the safe delivery of the project. To control construction projects, there are several acquisition methods. In most cases, project time is overtaken by poor estimation, inadequate contractor experience, and shortage of on-site workers, invisible ground conditions and ineffective planning. Therefore, it is essential to keep it updated regularly and effective planning is crucial.The key term indicates the crucial point to be taken for the successful delivery of the project because the construction industry is very complicated and difficult, so it is necessary to be careful with the investigations and the risk that occurred during the initial phase up to the stage end of the project, such as changes in the scope, increased costs, changes in planning, planning, hiring of workers. Focusing on this development, a plan to manage risk and improve the project schedule on time.1.2 Research Background and ImportanceThe most inadequate project in the 21st century is the great Din in Boston, where the cost budget was not correctly calculated in time, and the design of the structure also omitted or more negative deaths due to the failed structure.The Las Vegas center, which cost $ 8.5 billion, which was the most privately financed and six-dead building project, occurred on the site through inadequate security techniques and inadequate time management due to it being shut down in 2008.

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