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1. Do you think it is rational to be influenced by

1. Do you think it is rational to be influenced by whether a choice is presented to you in an opt-in or opt-out variant if the choice is itself and the literal content of the information you are given is the same in either case? what concept or concepts of behavioral economics are involved here? Discuss2. Some people object to the opt-out variant as ethically inferior. They consider a donation by default not to represent true altruism because it does not require a positive charitable act on the part of the donor. What do you think?3. Both the opt-in and opt-out variants described in the study rely on other- regarding preferences. Other economists have suggested that people should be paid for making organ donations. Do you think that would be practical and effective from an economic point of view? would it be ethical? why or why not? would you view it as more acceptable if donors received an indirect or in-kind payment(say, a contribution to their retirement account) rater than setting up an actual market for donated organs? Discuss.

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