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1. A population in statistics means a collection o

1. A population in statistics means a collection of all a. men and women b. subjects or objects of interest c. people living in a country y2 x2 x xy y 2 y m2 m2 f mf f 2 m y2 1y2 2 y x2 1×2 2 x 20 Chapter 1 Introduction 2. A sample in statistics means a portion of the a. people selected from the population of a country b. people selected from the population of an area c. population of interest 3. Indicate which of the following is an example of a sample with replacement and which is a sample without replacement. a. Five friends go to a livery stable and select five horses to ride (each friend must choose a different horse). b. A box contains five marbles of different colors. A marble is drawn from this box, its color is recorded, and it is put back into the box before the next marble is drawn. This experiment is repeated 12 times

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